LIP Antifiction Coatings

Prevent & Eliminate Automotive Interior Trim Noise 

Add Quiet To Quality

Eliminate and prevent automotive interior trim noise with our range of cost effective, water based antifriction coatings and dry film lubricants. long-lasting, high performance range of products.

Key Properties

LIP coatings have three key properties:

  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • Excellent cohesion properties
  • Low coefficient of friction


Water Based

No hazardous chemicals used in the formula so there are no serious health and safety concerns for users of the products.

Cost Effective

Much less cost than the traditional high density Perfluoropolyether (PFPE) oils that previously dominated the market.

Easy To Apply

A selection of applicator pens to help customers apply the products to the areas of concern. Some products can be dispensed from bulk in automated spray systems.


We consult with our customers to ensure they select the most appropriate product and in many countries we will visit customer sites to assist.


A cost-effective range of antifriction coatings and dry film coatings/lubricants that prevent automotive interior trim noise generation caused by stick-slip motion or buzz, squeak and rattle. Designed specifically for the automotive industry, these water-based dispersions and gels modify the surfaces of leathers, vinyl, plastics, rubbers, elastomers, and lacquered (coated or painted) metals serving as problem-solvers for vehicle manufacturers.

AC 612/21

AC612/21 was originally designed for leather and vinyl but has become a multi-purpose product that is also suitable as a fault finding product.


Multi-function product sometimes used for similar applications as the AC612/21 but where contact forces are higher or application areas are smaller.


Multi-function product used for high pressure contact areas or where a paste like consistency product is more suitable/practical to use.

AC F-27

If hard plastics are your problem surface then the AC F-27 is the product of choice. Apply to plastics such as ABS and ABS-PC.

AC 602/2

AC602/2 was developed for application for squashy rubber seals (e.g. EPDM or TPE blends) around windows, doors & sunroofs – a tricky noise problem!

AC 644-W

AC644-W is a hard, tough coating for high-pressure areas, originally created for functioning parts such as cup holders that need to glide smoothly.

Our company saved over 50% in costs when we switched from a PFPE/heavy oil based noise prevention product to a water based LIP Antifriction Coating.”

Quality Manager – Premium Automotive Seating Supplier

“The LIP products are a valuable part of our strategy to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and are used in our aftermarket warranty billing process.”

Senior Manager – Premium Automotive OEM